About Us

Ifriqiya Capital was set up with the objective of providing investment banking services to clients across Africa.

Our Vision

Our goal is to help individuals and firms build better financial futures: meet their investment goals and raise the capital they need for their businesses.

Our Mission

To provide Africa focused, research based and advice driven wealth and corporate finance advisory services.

Our Essense

“Ifriqiya” means Africa in Arabic. Our name reflects our focus on and passion for Africa. Our perspective is also from an Africa vantage point.


We help our clients determine appropriate investment strategies and make asset allocation decisions that suit their circumstances and goals. They depend on us when investing in listed securities on a particular domestic exchange, setting up pan African portfolios invested in securities across major exchanges on the continent and buying alternative assets.
We also guide them through the steps required to raise long term capital via private equity or equity/debt issues on public markets. We help SMEs adopt formal corporate governance structures and set up or update their book keeping and financial reporting competencies that help them comply with the usual legal and regulatory requirements of capital raising. Thus providing essential tools for coping with the documentation requirements of formal capital markets.

Contact Us


Plot 19B, Block 3, Crospil Estate, Anansa Road, Calabar, CRS, Nigeria

Phone Number

+234 8033587748